The Artist in the Art Therapist; The Artist in You

To quote art therapist Pat Allen, “Art is a Way of Knowing,” and for me, there is no greater truth. Image courtesy of Barbara Fish, PhD I have always known that I could find every answer to every problem in my studio, through some creative practice. My journey in becoming an art therapist

It’s Time to Make Angel Wings!!

  I am  excited, honored and humbled this month to be launching "Spread Your Wings with Wingman," our collaboration with Dylan's Wings of Change at New Fairfield Middle School. DWC founder Ian Hockley founded "Wingman," an incredible social and emotional learning curriculum that teaches kids compassion and inclusivity that is now in forty-plus schools in

Thirty-five benefits of art for kids

I recently read a wonderful article that lists thirty-five – YES – you read that right, thirty-five benefits of art for kids. From mom blogger Jenny Silverstone, this post is so thorough that I was moved to share it on this site, where we are all about art, healing and kids. To begin, statistics

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