Spread Your Wings

From Elizabeth Hendley, Art Therapist, Dell Children’s Hospital:

“Spread Your Wings” is a powerfully moving, magnificently executed project and work of art that touched the lives of so many children and families, and will continue to do so. The final art piece also raised a significant amount of funding that directly benefits Dell Children’s, providing countless opportunities for patients and families to express themselves creatively in order to alleviate anxiety, process trauma, manage pain, and simply be kids in the midst of difficult circumstances. Thank you, Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs

Welcome to Spread Your Wings™, my Community Arts program that first took flight at Dell Children’s Hospital’s 2017 “Art of Giving” event, in Austin, Texas. Spread Your Wings broke all fundraising records for Dell, making it their most successful “Art of Giving” to date.

Spread Your Wings engages all participants in the proven benefits of Community Arts and Art Therapy. It offers a safe, collaborative and healing place for everyone to joyfully express themselves.

And, because the whole world loves Angels, “Spread Your Wings” uplifts all participants in this beautiful, universal and inspirational theme – and, it inspires organic donor giving.


How it Works:

Spread Your Wings begins with Community Arts Day: Participants gather in a joyful, creative, daytime event, painting individual “feathers” from different materials to be integrated into professionally completed Angel Wing art. Final art is auctioned off at a second event/fundraising gala.


  • Can be held at indoor or outdoor venue

  • Unique donor mechanism allows for “feathers” or groups of feathers to be sponsored by donors or corporations

  • Blank “feathers” can be sent to non-attendees, sponsors and circles of influence for painting and inclusion in final art sculpture

  • Incredible photo opportunities for participants in front of Angel Wing template at community arts event

  • Final Angel Wing art can be integrated into marketing materials and merchandise to continue raising money ongoing for your cause

  • Final Angel Wing art can be tailored to a specific location: it can be wall-mounted, suspended from the ceiling, themed, and/or made from different materials


How It Works:

Imagine the power of worldwide Angel Wing making with Spread Your Wings new, online integration. For the first time, cloud-based platforms like Zoom make it possible for kids, hospitals and communities worldwide to participate in this inspirational event. Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs will lead facilitators across the globe in painting feathers with the kids that are shared digitally and incorporated into professionally completed Angel Wing art to be installed in any public venue.

Simple Process:

  • Feather templates are shared electronically with kids through schools, communities, hospitals, etc.
  • A series of ZOOM meetings explain the project to facilitators, teachers and child life specialists
  • Facilitators photograph feathers/groups of feathers and sent electronically to Bryan-Jacobs
  • Unique donor mechanism allows for “feathers” to be sponsored by donors or corporations
  • Feathers are printed on canvas and cut out. They are assembled and professionally completed as fine art
  • Final wings are shipped and installed in their final location

Possibilities include engaging celebrities and world luminaries in feather creation, Angel Wings that incorporate corporate branding, double sided wings made from various media that suspend from the ceiling, and the inclusion of live, feather-painting events.

It’s Time to Let the Energy Soar!

Spread Your Wings delivers an unprecedented, motivational community fundraising event that inspires large donor giving as well as a final work of art that honors every single participant. With an extremely low cost per dollar raised, Spread Your Wings is a natural fundraising fit for almost any venue.*

Along with “Wings Across America,” Bobby and I and honored to share “Spread Your Wings” as a national fundraising event, bringing out the angel in everyone.

* In healthcare settings, we work directly with Child Life Services to ensure that as many patients as possible can participate.

Wing Sculpture Samples


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    Spread Your Wings Assembly
    Spread Your Wings Final Artwork