Community Arts

have long been recognized as an incredible way for children and adults to unite in cause and creativity, build self-esteem and strengthen communities on infinite levels. They also provide a way to honor those we love, instilling a sense of purpose in all who participate.

Community Arts have also proven to be wonderful for our well-being:

  • They promote interaction and bonding in public spaces: cooperating and uniting in shared goals and creativity helps individuals develop strong cultural ties, providing a strong basis for moving forward through challenge

  • The ignite and uplift the spirit, offering hope: creatively working together instills pride, interaction, and the human connection necessary for healing

  • They showcase the power of a location: Public art and community arts events provide the public with a place to gather in memorial, celebration and moving through pain.

  • They leverage the documented benefits of creativity: the latest research on art and art therapy demonstrate that engaging in creative practices reduces stress and depression, alleviates anxiety and increases feelings of well-being, while offering a safe process for people to express challenging emotions

  • Community Arts projects and events unite people in cause: they provide a respite from challenge and a healthy way for everyone to safely express and process emotions

Community Arts

Most of all, Community Arts projects and events are joyous and celebratory – for those creative moment in time, all is well with the world.