I am super-excited to share that we’ve created Angel Wing merchandise for fundraising in support of LV Community Healing Garden!

Love and Courage Angel Wing TeeThe “Wings Across America” campaign began as I was documenting Bobby’s amazing wings, which he named, “Love and Courage.” Every time I posted an update of the wings on social, we literally got thousands of organic views. To us, this meant that people love what we were doing – supporting the LV Community Healing Garden, in remembrance of the 58 lives lost on 10/1/17/.

The tragedy that happened in Las Vegas affected our entire nation: as artists, there is no greater honor than sharing our work as a creative, uplifting response. LV Healing Garden says it best: “Celebrating life, beauty, love and compassion.  Choosing love over fear, life over death, hope over despair.  Helping each other heal.”

Join us in supporting the garden through an art sale, merchandise sale or direct donation here:

Thank you so much!

Yours in Creatively Creating Change,
Elizabeth and Bobby