How did The Spread Your Wings Project begin?

The Spread Your Wings Project began with a very special young man, Benjamin Daniel Breedlove, who passed on Christmas Day, 2011 at the age of eighteen. In his last days, Ben privately created a two-part video, entitled, “This is My Story,” where he used flashcards to tell the world about his near-death experiences and the

How does The Spread Your Wings Project Work?

It works by involving the community Iarge-scale art and community arts projects. Problem-solving through the arts is an inspirational, therapeutic and powerful way to unite communities. The Spread Your Wings Project responds to individual and community causes that we believe can benefit by our community and public art endeavors. Each year, we select a cause

What is your mission?

The Spread Your Wings Project is a creative platform founded as an uplifting response to the numerous challenges and tragedies we face today. It implements the benefits of Art and Art Therapy to unite families and communities through Hope, Love and Courage.

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